Amtek makes extraordinary efforts to integrate with customers systems and methods, in this way providing a satellite office that aspires to run projects and produce designs and details as if we are a part of your own design team.




We proved our capability to do this over many years of successful working and a variety of projects such as:

? Horizontal steel strip accumulators ? 10 man team ? Design, calculate and detailTooling.

? Printing Machinery delivery systems ? Design and detail.

? Automotive seat rail assembly and test line ? 5 man team ? detailing.

? Coil winding assembly station ? Automotive ? Design and detail.

? Silicon Chip loading and handling ? Automotive ? Design and detailing.

? Injection moulding core handling winding and preparation line ? 5 man team, design and detailing.

? End of line testing station ? Automotive ? Design and detailing.Tank handrailing

? Printing machinery ? Un-winder and Re-winder ? Pro/E.

? Steering systems for Steel Strip ? 3 man team.

? Reverse engineer rotating medical bed ? 3 man team ? Solid Edge.

? Process Tanks and piping ? Water treatment plant.

? Piping Layouts ? Nuclear decommissioning.conveyor

? Plate Mill Detailing ? 5 man team.

? Expanding Wedge mandrel for 25 tonne steel coils.

? Rolls Royce Trent engine tooling ? Calculation, design and detailing.

? Cheese plant ? Design and detailing.

? Water Flume ? Design and detail ? Solid Works.PCB

? Handling systems for packaging machinery ? Solid Works.

? Plate cooling system ? Detailing ? Solid Edge.

? Toolpath design for CNC machined aircraft components.

? Aluminium Die cast drive control enclosure ? Design ? Solid


We welcome your feedback, whether it is a compliment or a complaint. Your feedback helps us understand what we are doing well and how we can make our services better.

We request feedback on a simple web form following quotation and project completion and you can view our feedback results below:



AMTEK undertake the recruitment and placement of engineering CAD and design staff to work in your office on a contract basis. Candidates are recruited and selected by engineers who understand the needs of an engineering design office environment. Comprehensive vetting can include interview and CAD capability testing in our offices prior to placement.
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