High Quality Mechanical Design Capabilities

Our mechanical engineering design consultancy is a trusted partner to many businesses across multiple industries. We have the expertise and experience required to create robust designs that are both efficient and cost-effective, meaning you can trust us with your projects without fear of delay or budget overruns. It's this kind of dependability which has made our services so successful leading to long lasting relationships for mutual success.

Flexible Design Resource when You Need It

As experienced professionals, our design team ensures that customers never have to worry about the hassle of recruiting contractors or repeatedly explaining products and systems. Our unparalleled flexibility allows us to provide scalable tailored support at any phase of a project – from inception right through until years after completion. We make sure nothing gets left behind!

Help and Support to Keep Project on Track

At Amtek, we understand that engineering design doesn't always go as planned. That's why our customers have us on speed dial - one call and an extra helping of resourceful ingenuity can solve any problem with minimal interruption! With a skilled team offering services from initial brainstorming through to manufacturing support, whatever challenge your project faces, you'll get the results desired right when you need them most.

Our Services

Amtek offers a comprehensive range of services including: Concept Design, Design Optimisation, Design Validation, Manufacture Drawings, Design Tools and CAD Conversions.

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Our Industries

Amtek serves a wide range of industries, including; Aerospace, Automotive, Subsea, Offshore, Metal Rolling and Processing, Automated Machinery and Theatrical Animatronics

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Design Software